Why is it Important for Older Adults to Look After Their Oral Health?

It is very important for older adults to pay more attention to their oral health. There are a number of problems that may arise with time and therefore on must regularly visit best dentist in Dubai. Now-a-days, due to advanced oral health issues, older adults suffer with such problems fast. In fact, they are more prone to the problem. Cavities and gum problems are the most common problems that people suffer with. These problems can further lead to several problems such as chewing problems and also changes the appearance. Eventually, it would lower the self esteem of the person.

1. Tooth Decay
This is the very common problem among all older adults. As a person grows older, their gums become weak and they start to lose teeth. Their teeth recede fast and thus there are increased of root decay. About 50% of people over 75 years of age have root cavities that affect at least one tooth. Tooth decay is very common and very soon, they might lose their all teeth. To escape such condition, older adult must look after his oral health more and visit best Dubai dentist regularly.

2. Gum Diseases
This is also something that is very much common among the older adults. They suffer with various gum problems because of which they need to visit the best dentist Dubai again and again. Due to various gum problems, they have loss of bones around their teeth, which may cause further problems.

3. Less Ability to Keep Mouth Clean
With growing age, the ability of people to keep mouth clean reduces. They are not able to brush and floss properly and thus suffer with various oral issues. To escape this condition, older adults must always focus on looking after their teeth.