Top 4 Dental clinics in Dubai | Review | Dentistry -2019

Easy Dental – 


When it comes to providing dental care in Dubai, Easy Dental has all that you need for the successive dental solution. The aim of the clinic is to offer affordable dental services in Dubai for everyone. The space of the clinic is quite spacious for making the patients feel comfortable enough.

Braces Karama

As a premier dental clinic and lab they feel it is important to be committed towards the patients and offer wholesome treatment. It is deemed that prevention is better than cure and for the long term it works as a magic. At Easy Dental we work on simple dental examinations to complex cosmetic dentistry in Dubai. As a patient, you will never be disappointed with the quality of service that they offer. When it comes to paying attention to details, Easy Dental is the best option. Each and every staff at the clinic are wholly committed to maintain and work according to the ethics of the clinic. 


Services by Easy Dental: 

There are two branches of services by Easy Dental. They are Cosmetic and Dubai Braces

Under the cosmetic dental surgery, they have 4 different services.


With these, Easy Dental sums up their cosmetic dentistry chapter and the dentists are excellent in their field. For the, your smile matters the most and how to make it beautiful is their responsibility. Each patient is unique and everyone has particular different features. To achieve this, they have to consider face shape, tooth colour, tooth size etc. 

Under the braces dental services,, they have 5 different operations

At Easy Dental, they are highly passionate about helping patients to maintain or develop a healthy smile for a lifetime. You will get to see world class facility here without any doubt. 


Best Dentist –


Next up we have the Best Dental from Dubai in 2019 who has been operating in the dentist industry for a long time now. They have the best dentists in the country and the kind of health care they offer is beyond expectations. Their vision is to offer efficient and quality dental services to patients.

Braces at Best Dentist Al Rigga

The clinic is situated in the most plush and reputed location in Dubai and it is s private dental clinic. The premises is highly-technical and make easy for the patients. The staff are all trained under great modules to offer the best in-house facilities. Best Dentist offers a range of treatment and diagnostic services. They know the importance of having a smile and how much it matters to the patients, therefore, maintaining the natural essence is what they strive for.  


Services by Best Dentist Al Rigga

There is a dedicated team of workers and dentists who offer quality dental services and treatment in Dubai respectively. With high standard and state-of-art technology, Best Dentist today has developed as a renowned clinic in the city. The services are as follows,

Under these wide belts of services, Best Dental has the most comprehensive service package for patients. Any problem, you know where to go. 


Vanilla Smiles –


Vanilla Smiles is another private dental clinic in the city of Dubai operating for years offering valuable and commendable dentist services. It is modern and has all the high-tech gadgets in the house to make treatments easier for patients. They claim to boast about high-quality dental care yet within reasonable range of budget. With an experienced team Vanilla Smiles offers dental care like no other in Dubai

Braces at Vanilla Smiles Dental Clinic Dubai

The 21st century lifestyle is quite hectic and irregular leaving no time to take care of many things in life. However, though people know it is mandatory to brush twice a day, many people miss the second time. To maintain proper dental health, there must be regular flossing, even with kids. Skipping regular dental care is the reason why people face heightened dental issue. 


Services by Vanilla Smiles

The major services include the following,

Vanilla Smiles is highly passionate about offering the best services for all your dental problems. Start your hygenic dental treatment journey with the excellent hands at Vanilla Smiles. The location is convenient for all and any inconvenience caused, executives are available to help you out at any stage. With the generous staff, you will come to terms with state-of-art amenities and get the best dental solutions in Dubai once and for all. 


Our advantages comes with highly trained and skilled staff who performs extensive lines of different dental treatment services in Dubai. Moreover, the clinic is involved in using hi-tech gadgets to give the best-in-class service to its patients. If you want to come for consultations, we have qualified dentists and doctors addressing your issues and giving you the right medication for issues that you come across. 


Dental Lounge – 


As dental experts in Dubai we take pride in the services we offer, however, do you know what is the reason behind Dental Lounge being so famous? Dental Lounge offers tailored services  and treatment to make it easy for the patients within a reasonable budget. The clinic is operating since 2009 and has curated a name for itself in the local community and neighborhood. The clinic encompasses the best dentists in the city as per the surveys conducted last year. Moreover, the accessibility of the clinic is also flexible, it is open on weekdays and weekends too. 

Braces at Dubai

With a bunch of caring and skilled dentists, the clinic has raised the bar for other dental solution centers. The kind of services they offer perpetually sets them apart from others in a significant way. Each and every patient is important and offering unmatched services is what Dental Lounge thrives on. 

Services by Dental Lounge 

There are many different services which is catered by Dental Lounge, as follows 


When it comes to Dental lounge, they are dedicated to offer comprehensive care, setting trends and making use of the latest technology. They have a single aim to make sure each and every patient receives proper treatment in a comfortable atmosphere. A human’s smile is so precious that nothing should become an obstacle. It has the power to transform lives and dentists at Dental Lounge are well aware of this fact. Therefore, they work with patience and dedication to give out the best results. Chipped, discoloured, painful gums will never make you happy from within. 


At Dental Lounge experts use several different kinds of techniques and make sure you get back your smile with grace. Many combination treatments also take place like dental implants, cosmetic crowning, dental implants, teeth whitening and veneers can all take place together to provide you with a wholesome treatment. You are sure to get back your lost confidence with healthy white teeth and gums. 


So, these were the four top dentist clinics in Dubai operating since years, and offers the best services for their patients. Get in touch with them wherever you are facing any dental trouble, you will return with satisfaction guaranteed.