Things to Expect at Your Next Dental Check Up

When you plan to go for a dental check up, what are things that you expect? Mainly the dental problems you are going through. Well, when you are visiting a dentist in Dubai for check up, there are several things you should keep in mind and expect. If you are visiting dentist for the first time, then it becomes very important to make a list of the things you should consider. Visiting dentist at every six months is a very important part of maintain your overall oral health. It helps keep an eye on overall health of your teeth. Here is the list of things that you might consider when going for dental check up in Dubai.

1. Dental X-Rays
If you are visiting Dubai dentist, then this is the first thing you can expect. Frequency of the need of the dental x-rays depends on your ages, current oral health and dental history. If necessary, dental x-rays are generally done in the beginning of dental appointment. It helps diagnose tooth decay and identifying orthodontic issues.

2. Cleaning
Dental cleaning is also an important of the dental check up. Your dentist or hygienist uses a small metal instrument, scaler, to scrape and remover tartar above and below gum line. They them polish teeth with polishing tool and a light abrasive paste for the deep cleaning. It helps you get pearl white teeth and removes any tartar left. Lastly, they finish up by cleaning with flossing.

3. Comprehensive Exam
When your dentist has done cleaning with your teeth, he will perform a comprehensive oral examination in order to ensure that your oral health is in good condition. They will first examine the signs of tooth decay, check for gum swelling, redness and the depth of your gingival pockets. Later they will check for signs of periodontal disease. They will also examine your neck, lymph glands and oral cavity.