Filipino Dental Care for Jaw Pain in Dubai

Many people, especially adults face the problem of jaw pain. This may be due to several reasons and can greatly affect your way of life. Filipino Dental care is considered one of the best and so we take a Pinoy dentist’s advice on the causes and treatment of severe Jaw Pain. Take a look at these several causes:


Known as the Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ/TMD), this is one of the leading causes of jaw pain. Our jawbone is connected to the skull with the help of joints. The disorder refers to the condition where these joints are affected, making it painful to move the jaw or open and close the mouth freely. Restricted movement of the jaw can result in poor eating habits and affect health, especially in old age, when the condition significantly worsens. A good Pinoy dentist at Vanilla Smiles Dental Clinic can diagnose and treat it with relaxation therapy, medications, and other effective methods.

Teeth Grinding

Many people suffer from Sleep Apnea. The condition involves teeth grinding which happens mostly in sleep and therefore the patient is normally unaware of the condition. Although, some people grind their teeth together in day as well, but the conditions significantly increases during the night, which can lead to the damaging of teeth and leading to pain in the jaw. Though mouth guards can offer relief, it is better to be diagnosed by an experienced Filipino dentist, in order to rule out any other possible oral condition.

Gum Disease

When infection affects the tissue and bones that surround the teeth, the condition is known as gum disease. Usually caused by bad oral care, the condition is mostly painful and can spread easily, causing severe pain in the jaw. Besides pain, it may also cause bad breath, loosened teeth, sensitivity of the teeth, and swollen gums.

An impacted wisdom tooth or cavities that are left untreated may also cause jaw pain. Schedule your appointment today!