Can Gum disease Be a Reason for Cancer?

We must take care of our teeth and that is something very crucial. Every day it seems like reports are flashing how gums and mouth both are important for our holistic health. Teeth are not the only oral care you should undertake, gums are equally important. We have heard repeatedly that gum issues are linked to diabetes along with heart diseases. 

Gum Disease to Cancer Connection Researched by Cheap Pinoy Dentist Dubai

In the recent study and research, there are some kinds of connection between cancer and gum disease. Let us see some of the recent examples. 


  • In the month of August 2017, there were almost 66,000 people who faced gum disease had a high chance of having lung cancer, gall bladder, melanoma, etc. 
  • Later in the year 2017, there was research in Finland that indicated that there several bacteria that can cause pancreatic cancer. 
  • With the help of Filipino dentist, research was confirmed that people who had issues with gums for a long time, there is a high possibility of colorectal cancer. 


Well, till date, we have not received any news of gum diseases that linked to cancer, but we cannot say it will not take place. There are faint relations between gum and cancer, but smoking, alcohol, unhealthy lifestyle can increase the risk of cancer. 


How do Pinoy Dentist Address Gum Diseases Prevention?

According to expert Pinoy dentist Dubai, they have listed certain good care practices. 

They are as follows,

  • Brushing two times a day is a must
  • Perform teeth flossing regularly
  • Have a mouth wash rinse regularly
  • In between meals you can chew gums free from sugar

Till date, the relation between gums and cancer is not clear. But, if not taken proper care, the problems will grow. This is the time to begin and start a healthy lifestyle. You can take tips from Pinoy dentist Dubai and go for regular check-ups. Moreover, if you are looking for cheap dental clinic Dubai, then visit us for the best experience. Do not hesitate to contact the dentists as they offer the best dental care in the city.