Best Orthodontic Braces in Dubai

Orthodontic treatment allows you to achieve a lasting, beautiful smile. It involves the correction of crooked teeth and jaws and can be one of the best investments for your, or your child’s, health. Age is less important than having the proper number of teeth. So adults of any age can have best orthodontic treatment in Dubai. For young children, it may be necessary to wait for enough adult teeth to come through before starting the treatment.

Metal Braces

These are metal sections connected with metal wires that are used to align mild to extreme teeth alignment issues in kids as well as grown ups. These types of metals are mostly not very expensive as compared to other types. They are also very effective in treatment and give best results. Because they can be worn permanently through out the course of the treatment without removing them every month, they are the best option for kids. In Dubai, Metal braces are easily detectable and more often than not, adults with mild alignment issues choose to go with other types of braces and cost in Dubai.

Lingual Braces

These types of braces are fixed inside the teeth to give an undetectable appearance. Lingual Braces are usually more expensive than normal metal ones. If you want to know for lingual braces cost, then it is important for you to understand that they can take some getting used to in the starting. After some time you will get used to them. They usually do not pose any problem but make sure to clean your teeth properly in order to ensure that no food is stuck in between your teeth. These type of braces are not recommended for kids.


If you need Dubai’s best braces but hate to picture yourself in those traditional metal frames around your teeth, then invisalign is the way to go. The teeth shaped frames are as clear as plastic and are almost undetectable. They are a really good options for those who work in the customer care industry or are constantly in touch with other people. Due to their transparency, they can be used easily without the need to worry about someone pointing out about the braces. It is easy to eat and drink in them anytime you want. You will have get a new pair installed through the progress of the treatment.

Ceramic Braces

The benefit of choosing ceramic braces is that they are not easily seen from a distance and will not give you an unwanted appearance. They are tooth colored and are really good for all ages. An expert dentists at Vanilla Smiles Dental Clinic in Dubai can install ceramic braces through a very safe and professional process. These braces give as good results as the metal ones, unlike the invisaligns, which are perfect for mild alignments only. In case your teeth are extremely unaligned and you want an invisible option, you can go for the ceramic ones without doubt and for the ceramic braces cost, visit our clinic or call us for the appointment.


Aligners are used to make sure that the teeth are aligned properly; giving the jaw and mouth a proportionate shape and not causing duck face. They help to make sure that the teeth are grown at their proper positions and are not overlapping, causing a weird look when a person smiles. If you are facing problem of unproportioned jawline, rabbit teeth, vampire tooth, or are generally have issues with non-alignment, which may be causing pain, gum problems due to germs stuck at difficult places in the mouth, or any other, you can consider getting aligners.


Once the treatment for alignment with the use of braces such as metal ones, ceramic, or invisalign is completed, it is very crucial to switch to retainers in order to make the treatment lasting. The good thing is that, unlike braces, you do not need to permanently wear retainers. They can be easily removed and worn by the patient itself, without the need of an expert every time you remove it. Retainers are usually worn for 12-22 hours at first but after some time you can wear them even just three times a week. If you need any help choosing a good retainer, visit the Vanilla Smiles Dental Clinic in Dubai.

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