Are your Regular Brushing Habits Right? Have a Look

Everyone in this world brushes their teeth after waking up.However, there is a lot more than what we simply do. It may so happen that you are performing some wrong actions daily for years and have no idea about it. So, if you want to have the cleanest mouth, you still have time to change the wrong habits and change them to the right ones! The right dental clinic in Dubai will let know go through the treatments. Have the look at the wrong habits.


People Brush Too Hard

At times, you may have either seen or done yourself. Brushing too hard will not make your teeth clean, but harm the gums and the enamel of the tooth. Excessive pressure might be the reason of your damaged teeth and also leads to scratches. Moreover, it will also invite infection and gum irritation.


Sharing Tooth Brush

Drop it right now, if you have this habit. It is natural to steal your significant other’s brush if you don’t find your one. But, this practice is going to be dangerous for both of you. No doubt, you might share food and drinks, but when it comes to brushing, please refrain from exchanging or replacing. People will fall sick and then require dental treatments.


Using Tooth Brush past expiry

Did you ever know that you must change your toothbrush every 3-4 months? Yes, that’s the expiry date for any toothbrush. Experts from “dental clinic Dubai” recommends replacing old ones with the new ones every three months. It is because toothbrush accumulates dirt and germs and likewise the bristles also tend to break. Consequently, they cannot properly clean your tooth or mouth.  


Excessive Fast Brushing

When you need to rush out of the door, fast brushing is what you always do. But, you don’t realise how harmful is that for your teeth and gums. You are doing it completely wrong and mi9ght end up going for dental treatments. Fast brushing means you are not cleaning it properly and leaving behind thousands of germs intact.


These were some of the wrong habits that you are currently practising and these must stop.To have a healthy gum and tooth health, brush correctly and avoid all the points here. As a saying goes, prevention is better than cure, apply it.


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